Check It Out: Pearl of Meissa

Pearl of Meissa
by Cloey Kinney

lthea Silverstream is far from home when threats of war break out.

Busy pursuing a betrothal, a prince whose eyes are the brightest thing about him quickly and reluctantly becomes one of her only allies in a race for a mythical weapon. It’s the only thing that can end a war as quickly as it began. It’s only suiting that they should venture to Meissa, an island brimmed with monsters whose presence could end Althea’s life and mythical sword that can save it.

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Cloey Kinney is a Canadian Fantasy author. Kinney has been published for her short stories (No Love, Brave, and White Roses) and has placed top 10 across Canada for her short stories. Kinney also interviews publishing professionals, such as #1 NYT bestselling authors.

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