Review: Untouchable

by Michael J Martineck

FBI Special Agent Leah Capello knew the art world had a dark side, but kidnapping is a whole new hue. To save a young child she accepts the help of Joshua Fawls, who claims to be an art expert, seems a little psychic and is probably, more than likely, a delightfully skilled conman. Together they bend conventions, break rules, and learn that the artist Edgar Degas was right: Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. Just like the perfect crime.

5 out of 5

I wasn’t sure how into this I would be able to get. The art world is, admittedly, mostly over my head. This goes so much deeper than art. Even before you get to the main plot (kidnapping), you’ve been drawn into the story. I loved Leah’s no-nonsense attitude, while still being human, and I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of Fawls at first. He’s definitely unique. Although the art world is the backdrop, you don’t need to know much about the scene, or about art, to enjoy the mystery, characters, twists, and turns that populate the pages of this book. Highly recommend for all mystery lovers.

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Untouchable (Our Little Secret Press) is my newest book, a mystery, with only a hint of the odd. Unlink The Link Boy (EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy) which is a mystery set in the Freeworld, a future I introduced in The Milkman (EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy). The Milkman won a gold medal from the Independent Publisher Book Awards and was a finalist in the Eric Hoffer awards, given each year for salient writing from small presses. Kind of cool because the IPPY is a science fiction award and the Hoffer is for literary fiction.

The novel before that, Cinco de Mayo (also from EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing) was short-listed for an Alberta Readers’ Choice Award. That was exciting.

I started writing stories when I was seven. Over the years, I’ve put out short stories, comic book scripts, articles and a quartet of novels. I’ve put countless other ventures in the drawer. The drawer is in my house on Grand Island, NY., a little cap of clay nestled between the US and Canada. This is also the location of my “Ego Retention Program”, whereby my beautiful wife and two lovely children continuously call out my various shortcomings, keeping me from becoming the screaming, self-centered artist I long to be. DC Comics published a couple of stories in the early 90s. Planetmag, Aphelion and a couple of other long-dead e-zines helped me out in 00s, along with The Misspellers and The Wrong Channel.

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