Blitz: The Basilisk’s Lover

If opposites truly attract, the cold-blooded basilisk and the warm-blooded human might just find their way to a happily-ever-after, but not before they figure out what haunts Fairview University — and put a stop to it.

Blitz: Homefront

Fate and the letter written to a brother could be what brings them together or drives them apart.

Blitz: The Wingman

Nathan, a college student with a thing for funky hats and a definite not-thing for the great outdoors, has been a wingman extraordinaire for his lifelong best friend Lorcan for as long as either can remember.

Blitz: The Golden Age

Seven years ago, Sebastian Munro changed his life immensely by transitioning and starting a graduate degree at the University of Ottawa

Blitz: In Search of Angels

In a world filled with angels, nephilim, and magic, can Lea keep the ones she cares for safe while running from something darker than any of them can imagine?

Blitz: The Silver Cage

Danny barely remembers who he is, let alone his mate. After being taken from his pack years ago by a group of overzealous hunters, Danny identifies only as “Wolf”